The fellowship meets at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. Services are led by lay members of the fellowship, guest speakers from the community, and visiting ministers from other UU fellowships.
Our worship services are normally diverse, and you can expect to hear many voices speaking on a variety of topics over the course of the year. Music and ritual are always a part of the worship service. Seasonal services include an outdoor Advent garden, the traditional UU flower communion and the Maypole celebration. Worship services last 60-75 minutes and are followed by a social gathering with coffee and refreshments.

What to Wear

We are a casual group, and though some people do dress up for Sunday morning, others come in jeans or dressed for skiing or biking after the service. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Where to Park

We have ample parking on Sunday mornings. There is diagonal parking on the right along the driveway leading up to the fellowship, more parking behind the building, and an additional lot that can be accessed by driving straight when entering our campus. Overflow parking is on the shoulder of Pikes Landing Road.

Childcare and Youth on Sundays

Childcare is available for toddlers and preschoolers, and Religious Exploration classes for older kids during the service. Although we do not currently offer infant care, parents are welcome to bring babies to services. If needed, our sanctuary includes a sound-proof crying room where you can still hear and see the service.


Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible through the main doors as well as an ADA accessible ramp near the front of the sanctuary. Personal hearing devices can be found to the right of the sanctuary doors to help individuals with minor hearing loss enjoy the services better. Coffee hour is held in the foyer and kitchen areas which are also wheelchair accessible. Some Religious Exploration classes and activities for youth are held in the basement, which is reached only by stairs. You can contact us with requests to accommodate additional accessibility needs or leave a message with your name and phone number at 907-451-8838 and we will get back to you. We believe that making our campus and activities as accessible as possible is important, and your input can help us set priorities.

Weather Policy

We hold Sunday worship services regardless of temperature, however there is a temperature cut-off of -30 F for Children’s RE classes. We ask that individuals and families make their own decisions about what temperature or conditions are too extreme to travel to service in winter.

Who are Our Worship Leaders

Worship leaders are lay members of the fellowship who enjoy working with others to weave all the elements of the service together into a meaningful whole. If you are interested in being a worship leader, watch for announcements of upcoming trainings for new worship leaders, which are offered at least once a year, or contact us to be notified of the next training.

How to Participate in Worship Planning

We rely on the hard work and talents of members and friends to provide interesting programs and speakers on Sundays. Designing meaningful worship services is an art. The Sunday Services Committee at UUFF provides a great outlet for individual creativity as well as an opportunity for rewarding collaboration. Committee members are able to help shape the conversation that takes place on Sunday mornings and given the chance to share their own spiritual journeys and passions with others. If you would like to participate in worship planning or have an idea for a good guest speaker or topic, please contact us.

Where to Find Out about Upcoming Services

Join our email announcements list to receive a weekly email about upcoming services and events. You will also receive an email once a month with a link to download our newsletter. To join, please submit your email address on our home page.