Israel, Gaza, and the Rule of Law

On December 10, the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which led to dozens of international human rights treaties, but how is human rights unfolding in the world today? This talk will look at the actions of Hamas and Israel to discuss how … read more.

Gratitude in Our Daily Lives

Susan and Laurie will lead an exploration of the power of Gratitude and cultivating an appreciation of life in the present moment. Music by Marsha Sousa, Susan Grace, and a special guest musician will be featured. Coordinators: Laurie Walton & Susan Grace  Music: Marsha Sousa, Susan Grace, … read more.

Body Trust

All of us have a relationship to our bodies that is informed by the culture we live in. Diet culture, racism, fat phobia, and toxic wellness culture all influence the way we are able to inhabit our bodies in a healthy and loving way. We … read more.